Local Office Expansion Posted November 4, 2015


OilfieldLodging.com‘s office expansion demonstrates a successful business model in spite of challenging economic conditions.

Oilfield Lodging Office Expansion Austin Texas

Having experienced phenomenal growth since our inception in 2012, OilfieldLodging.com is expanding and planning to continue increasing in both size and scope. We originally focused on workforce and corporate lodging for traditional sectors of the oil and gas industry such as fracking. However, we have been diversifying into other categories and exploring government, construction, technology, transportation and these moves have paid off.

Like most startups, we began small, with only two employees and a laptop. By the end of 2013, the number of personnel had increased to six, but that was only the beginning. We’ve grown by 300 percent since then and now have a full-time staff of 32. Our impressive rise was the result of giving our clients something that was sorely lacking at the time — a service that solved their accounting and tracking issues as well as their lodging problems with a focus on delivering high-quality housing at greatly reduced rates.

The oil slump couldn’t have come at a worse time; many young companies aren’t in a position to weather this type of storm. Fortunately, the drop in oil prices, along with its associated effects on producers and industry suppliers, hasn’t hit us the way it has others. Our experience and ability to negotiate rate reductions have allowed us to respond when our clients needed to lower their housing costs. “Our market share has quadrupled because we have the big data to prove our savings and now the largest oilfield service companies in the world are not only listening to what we have been telling them, they are using us.” Rod Williams-CEO

In addition, we’ve reached out to offer our cost-saving benefits to other sectors of the oil and gas industry such as pressure pumping, snubbing, wire lines and coil tubing, and we’ve been expanding into the logging, transportation, environmental and construction industries. With our proprietary worldwide housing reservations database and our past experience handling crew logistics in even the most remote areas, we also anticipate a continued need for our current services in corners of the country or the world that still suffer from a lack of sufficient workforce housing.

The need to raise their occupancy rates has prompted many hotels and crew lodging managers to ask for our help in connecting with clients and adapting their rates and services to the current environment of the industry. This explains why we’re not only still here but growing as well. We foresee a healthy future for OilfieldLodging.com as we pull through this current market condition by continuing to save our clients’ money.