Oilfield Housing Vs Oilfield Lodging ?


Oilfield Housing is typically defined as manufactured housing specifically for an oilfield workforce. When you search google you will find several manufactured housing companies advertising their abilities to build “oilfield homes” for a workforce. However you will also find companies touting their ability to build oilfield housing camps also known as “man camps”. A man camp is a closed camp, meaning it is built and/or leased to one customer entirely. for example Halliburton may contract a company to build, manage and cater to their workforce housing camp in West Texas, lets say Odessa Texas for the permian basin oilfield workers. So when you are searching for Oilfield housing you now know their are two types of answers. Oilfield housing as a type of manufacturing and also oilfield housing as a type of enclosed camp for workers, a compound with security and amenities to keep the workers entertained and also out of the nearby town lounges and bars.

Oilfield Lodging is specifically about lodging only, not manufacturing. Lodging definitively is ::: a place where a person (such as a traveler) can stay for usually a short period of time : a place to sleep.

Oilfield lodging is a place where oilfield workers of all types can live. Yet, Lodges try and make it like home for the workforce. Typically oilfield lodges have kitchens and living rooms, like condos or homes. They are not closed camps or “man camps” they are open for responsible adults to live. Years ago workforce housing was similar to offshore living. Today however, developers in North Dakota and Texas have created a new paradigm in Oilfield Lodging. Lodges like Frontier Oasis in Kenedy Texas are the new look and feel of home. Each room has its own space. A luxurious private room with a double bed, wifi, TV,  desk and of course a private bathroom and shower.

Many locations also offer top notch catering with companies like The RK Group of San Antonio Texas. This is not momma’s cooking, its more like a Chef prepared meal. Think the Four Seasons. If your family is reading this article its likely they wont feel bad for you leaving home “off to work” in luxury. However, they more than likely understand that working in a Fire Resistant work suit in the summer can be 130F degrees and a cool room with healthy food will keep you rested, well nourished and safe.


So now you know the difference between oilfield housing and oilfield lodging. So, when you’re looking for a place to live for your workforce or yourself, look no further than oilfieldlodging.com . We certify every property to our standard of living. More on that in the next blog!

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