Check Out for a Full-service Workforce Lodging, Crew Logistics and Travel Management Provider value proposition

Workers today expect a strong work and lifestyle balance, and this is where Oilfield Lodging enters the equation. Retaining skilled, qualified and loyal employees is essential for a smooth-running oil field service company, and we can help keep these employees feeling like they are in the comforts of home.

Happy Workers Are More Productive

It’s a well-known fact that a happy work environment fosters motivated and productive workers, and the oil and gas industry is no exception. Our services can organize, plan, and oversee top living facilities for your workers that include access to computers and Wi-Fi, excellent food, and attractive accommodations wherever you need it. We’ll help you avoid an unsafe workplace where workers are tired, lonely, or unhappy. Your workers will have amenities that can include swimming pools, barbecue grills, and other recreation facilities to foster a sense of community and rest for the next day’s work.

Service You Can Trust
With our travel management software protocols, you can rest assured that your workforce will arrive with the utmost care, hospitality, cleanliness and respect. Our hotels, and workforce lodges are maintained and inspected to ensure they are in top condition. When we have a booking request, we put logic into logistics. We not only consider HSE ratings but include proximity to work site, surrounding amenities, parking space for large equipment, “no stay no pay” nightly audits and onsite check-ins and crew change management for larger crews.

Types of Lodging

You can select housing according to your needs. We specialize in high-quality hotel rooms with big discounts, workforce camps, and custom manufactured homes with four suites, each with an attached bathroom and private entrance. If camps are what you need, we create custom housing options that suit your needs. We’ll not only set you up in the United States; at, we provide lodging for oil fields in many places around the world, including remote areas.

You won’t have to be in charge of making arrangements whenever your workforce needs to travel to a new site. We’ll examine the site, scout the property, and get you hotel rooms or create a camp with the best amenities available.

“You can rest easy with us in charge.”

Sleep well.